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Welcome to the latest edition of NewsBytes, the tri-annual newsletter that brings readers up to speed on all the SCARP-related news that we can fit into eight pages. Read on to learn about new developments in the introduction of SCARP's Indigenous Community Planning specialization, cool class projects that have come to fruition, and more. 

With winter classes over and summer courses yet to begin, SCARP students have scattered themselves to the breezes like so many seeds. They’re in China, Costa Rica, Bella Bella, Mexico and other intriguing corners of the world enjoying new work experiences and learning opportunities, and, in some cases, just taking a break from the classroom. Some have gone ‘back home’ for the summer, while others will spend the warm months here on the West Coast discovering why Vancouver residents tolerate the long rainy winters.

When you're done reading, go outside and play in the sun and we’ll see you in the fall for another edition of SCARP NewsBytes.


NewsBytes is SCARP’s tri-annual newsletter highlighting current announcements, recent accomplishments, events, research, and broader planning movements of interest to staff, faculty, students, and alumni, as well as prospective students and members of the community. Below are a selection of articles from the most recent NewsBytes, as well as a link to download the newsletter.

Previous issues of NewsBytes are available from the NewsBytes Archive.

Winter 2014 NewsBytes


The Winter2014 edition of NewsBytes covers activities and reflections from SCARP between November 2013-February 2014 (download it here!).  Christa Brown starts us off with an overview of her involvement with the 10th Annual Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival for Nathan Edelson's Social Learning Studio course last fall.  We're then introduced to our 2014 PSA President Rebecca Chaster and the PSA Executive, before learning a little bit about the role of open data in planning from Karen Quinn Fung.

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