Orientation Week

On arrival at SCARP there is an orientation session in the first week for all new students. The schedule for the orinetation will be posted on the school website.  The orientation provides an opportunity for incoming students to meet faculty, staff and students.  Incoming PhD students will meet with their Research Supervisor and Introductory Committee before the end of Orientation Week in September and initiate the student's PhD Program Record form.

The Program Record form tracks courses taken and is used to evaluate student prgress in SCARP degree programs.  Courses taken must be manually entered by the student on the Program Record form and any course changes must also be recorded.  The form and any changes to the form must be signed by the Research Supervisor.  The Program Record form is available at the SCARP office.  The form remains on file at the SCARP office for the duration of a student's degree program at SCARP.


Course Registration

Incoming students should register for PLAN 649 (0.0) Doctoral Thesis.

There are no meeting times for PLAN 649 however all PhD students are required to register in PLAN 649 during both the Winter and Summer sessions to maintain their status as graduate students in the doctoral Program.

Students register for courses on-line at the Student Services Centre web site. The Centre allows you to access and manage key information about yourself and your program of study. Some other features available to you at the web site are: change of home address, change of e-mail address, fee enquiry, grades, timetable, transcript requests and registration for graduation.The Student Service Centre also has an on-line UBC Calendar and UBC Registration Guide. Check our Courses page for the most up-to-date information on courses before you register.

Students who drop courses after the add/drop deadline will receive a "W" (withdrawal) on their academic record. These and other deadline dates are published in the UBC calendar (Student Services website) and in the SCARP calendar. Students are encouraged to become familiar with such dates and deadlines. Students wishing to audit a course must submit a completed Registration/Change of Registration form (signed by the Instructor) to the PhD Secretary during the first week of classes each term.

Please see the PhD Program page for information on the role of the Program Chair and Supervisory Committee, Residency and Required Courses and other program information.

UBC Student Card

The UBC card is the official University of British Columbia identification card for registered students and may be obtained from the Carding Office located within the UBC Bookstore at 6200 University Boulevard, Vancouver, BC. For hours of operation visit www.bookstore.ubc.ca. In order to obtain a UBCcard, students are required to know their student number and present one piece of government-issued photo identification, such as a driver's license, provincial/state identification or passport. To be eligible for a UBCcard, students must be registered on the UBC Student Service Centre.


Students pay into the U-Pass as part of their student fees, which is a transit pass for all zones in Metro Vancouver. When you get your UBCcard, also line up for your U-Pass at the UBC Bookstore. You will be mailed future U-Passes so keep your mailing adress up-to-date on the UBC Student Serveces Centre (SSC) website.

SCARP Office Procedures

A session will be held during orientation week to introduce you to SCARP office procedures.

Student Email and Wireless Internet Access

To set up your UBC Wireless Internet Access go to:  it.ubc.ca/services/email-voice-internet/setup-secure-wireless-access-ubcsecure

To set up your email account go to: it.ubc.ca/services/email-voice-internet/student-alumni-email-service

To access your webmail account go to:  UBC Student and Alumni Webmail

Let the SCARP Office know your email account as soon as it is set up so that you can be added to the email distribution list by sending an email to: sherli@mail.ubc.ca. You can also use your exsting email address if you prefer.

E-mail and the SCARP website are central parts of the school's communications system. You will receive SCARP emails regularly once you are signed up on the SCARP list-serve. New students can receive instructions on how to set up an e-mail account and SCARP listserve during orientation week. In addition to electronic info, there are bulletin boards outside the SCARP office in Lasserre and thoughout West Mall Annex (WMAX). Job postings are located on the bulletin board outside the Photocopy room (LASR 423), and circulated to the listserve.

Student e-mail addresses will be added to the School's listserv. You will need to sign up for the other lists. Students are advised to check their e-mail daily, otherwise important notices could be missed. There are five SCARP lists:

  • SCARP-SCHOOL - office list with prefix SCHL (general emails go out to staff, faculty and students).
  • SCARP-RECORDS - Master's list with prefix REC (SCARP office staff makes use of this list to send urgent messages and to keep students informed)
  • SCARP-STUDENTS list (SCARP students only have access to this list)
  • SCARP-FORUM list (for discussions - some faculty and students are on this list).
  • SCARP-PHD - a list for SCARP PhD student discussions

Computer Lab & Office Access

The SCARP office will assign an office number to you to use. SCARP PhD students share office space in West Mall Annex (WMAX). There is a common SCARP computer lab with a few PC computers. Details will be available during orientation week. You will need keys to access the computer lab, your shared office, WMAX building (before 9am/after 5pm/weekends/when classes are out), the Group Work room and the Craig Davis Room

1. Complete SCARP’s "Computer Access Form" (need Netinfo ID and email address).

2. Turn in the Computer Access form and a $50 access deposit to the SCARP Office.  The deposit can be cash or a cheque payable to "The University of British Columbia".  Once you submit your deposit a key order will be sent electronically to the UBC key office (General Services Administration Building - Room 204 - 2075 Wesbrook Mall). They will email you to let you know when the key is ready to pick up.  The UBC key office will require a small deposit and some personal identification in addition to the SCARP deposit.

Mail Boxes

All students are assigned mail boxes in the West Mall Annex (WMAX), Room 128 (next to the kitchen). All students' mail will be sent to West Mall Annex; mail will not be forwarded to home or forwarding addresses. Marked assignments are often left in these mail boxes for students to pick up at the end of term.

More New Student Information

Find more information for new students at UBC's Faculty of Graduate Studies New Student page.


UBC Library Resources & Services

UBC Library is the second-largest research library in Canada and a high-ranking member of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). The Art + Architecture + Planning Division of the UBC Library, in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, houses the core planning collection and provides reference and instructional support via the Planning Liaison Librarian, Paula Farrar.  Due to the interdisciplinary nature of planning, collections in the Koerner Library (social sciences, government publications, data and statistics), David Lam Library (business and transportation) and Woodward Library (health and land & food systems) also support SCARP’s research and teaching.

Paula Farrar, Planning Liaison Librarian

Planning Research Guide

New Planning Resources @ UBC Library

Bookable rooms @ UBC Library

Art + Architecture + Planning, UBC Library