At the beginning of each term, students should update their initial registration, thus implementing decisions taken earlier or in consultation with their Research Supervisors. These decisions must be formalized in writing using the Program Record form.  Term 1 course changes, including drops and adds, must be completed before the add/drop deadline.   Course changes may be made after the add/drop deadline by submitting a completed Registration/Change of Registration form to the PhD Secretary. Be sure that you are continuously registered in PLAN 649 Doctoral Thesis.

Students who drop courses after the add/drop deadline will receive a "W" (withdrawal) on their academic record. These and other deadline dates are published in the UBC calendar and on the Dates & Dealines page. Students are encouraged to become familiar with such dates and deadlines. Students wishing to audit a course must submit a completed Registration/Change of Registration form (signed by the Instructor) to the PhD Secretary during the first week of classes each term.

It is essential that students check their registrations throughout each term to ensure that changes that have been properly approved by  Research Supervisors and have been recorded accordingly on the Student Information System and on Prgram Record forms. Students are responsible for ensuring that their records, including grades, are accurate.